2018 Legislative Review| March 2018
With noisy disputes raging in Frankfort this year over the state budget and pension reform, members of the Agribusiness Industry Network got an up-close and somewhat quieter look at the workings of the 2018 legislative session during a March 13 visit to the state capitol.

Senate Ag Committee Chair Paul Hornback, R-Shelbyville, hosted the group, first with a private briefing on the status of various legislative proposals, then during a meeting of his committee, and capped off with a Q and A session over lunch in the Capitol Annex cafeteria.

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Consolidated Grain and Barge Co. Visit| March 2017
A major grain terminal just across the Ohio River from Louisville recently hosted a dozen members of the Agribusiness Industry Network and the Louisville Ag Club, where the group toured the sampling, weighing and storage facilities that annually receive and ship millions of bushels of grain from central Kentucky and southern Indiana farmers.    

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Courtney Farms in Shelby County| September 2017
What happens when a young couple, fresh out of ag school at UK, decides to ditch two promising jobs, buy 45 acres in Shelby County, and launch a full-time farming operation cold turkey?

​It's no fairy tale that Shane and Mary Courtney have experienced since they took that fateful step in 2008. But nine years, four kids and 150 additional acres later, they insist they wouldn't consider any major changes in the career or family track they chose back then.

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2018 Farm Bill Review| February 2018
Farm bill policy and politics were discussed in depth at a farm bill forum held Feb. 15 during the National Farm Machinery Show at the Kentucky Expo Center in Louisville.

Kentucky First District Congressman James Comer joined with Joe Cain, Kentucky Farm Bureau's commodity division director, and Sam Willett, senior director of public policy for the National Corn Growers Association, to talk about the progress made in crafting new farm program legislation, as well as the difficulty yet remaining to get final approval of the measure by both houses of Congress.

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Tour of Stitzel-Weller Distillery | May 2015
The May 13 visit by members of the Agribusiness Industry Network to the Bulleit Frontier Whiskey Experience in Shively was at once a tour of a brand new Kentucky Bourbon Trail tourist attraction and a step back in time to one of the state's truly historic distilleries.

​The new Bulleit Visitors Center is at the site of the former Stitzel-Weller distillery, a business which shut down in 1992, but that in its heyday produced some of bourbon's most iconic brands. Those included W.L. Weller, Old Fitzgerald, Rebel Yell, and the much sought after Pappy Van Winkle, originally Old Rip Van Winkle.

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2014 Was a Good Year for Kentucky Agriculture |December 2014
While marquee political races drew the brightest glare of media spotlight in Kentucky this year, steady agricultural and agribusiness progress is no less deserving of notation as we close out the old year and welcome in the new.

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George Gagel Truck Farm - Agribusiness of the Year Award Winner| November 2014
George Gagel Truck Farm, a fourth-generation producer of vegetables, perennials and flowers located in southwest Jefferson County, has been named winner of the 2014 Agribusiness of the Year award. The award, sponsored by the Agribusiness Industry Network, was presented to George Gagel and his family during the annual Farm-City Luncheon at the Kentucky Exposition Center.

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Finalists Named for Kentucky’s Annual Leopold Conservation Award®| September 2014

Sand County Foundation and the Kentucky Agricultural Council (KAC) are proud to announce the finalists for the prestigious 2014 Kentucky Leopold Conservation Award®, which honors landowner achievement in voluntary stewardship and management of natural resources.

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Legislative Update | March/April 2014

When a delegation of agribusiness leaders traveled to Frankfort March 6 for updates on the progress of important legislation, the report on bills that had been signed into law was a brief one.

With just four out of 700-plus bills enacted, Sen. Paul Hornback, R-Shelbyville, made no effort to conceal his frustration, as he greeted the group. Click here to read more about the recent KY Legislative session.

Agribusiness of the Year Award | 

November 2013

Farm Credit Mid-America, a Louisville-based lender serving agriculture and rural
communities in four states, has been named winner of the 2013 Agribusiness of
the Year award.

The award, sponsored by the Agribusiness Industry Network, was presented today to Farm Credit’s president and CEO Bill Johnson during the annual Farm-City Luncheon at the Kentucky Exposition Center.
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Hemp Production Update | September 2013

As the state's political leaders continue to debate the viability and legality of hemp production, agribusiness network members looked at the economics of growing the crop at a Sept. 11 meeting in Louisville.


University of Kentucky ag economists Leigh Maynard and Will Snell joined state Sen. Paul Hornback, R-Shelbyville, to brief the AIN audience on what economic impacts could be expected if the way is cleared for planting the first industrial hemp crop in the commonwealth since World War II. Click to read more.

D.D. Williamson "The Colour House" | July 2012

Color trends are tracked meticulously in fashions, hair styles, automobiles and home furnishings. Plum tints may be all the rage for designers one year, but all eyes are trained on corals the next.

Colors for the food industry are the lifeblood of D.D. Williamson, a firm headquartered in Louisville but a force worldwide in the development and marketing of naturally derived colors for food. Click here to read more about this global business.

February 2013 Legislative Update

Agribusiness Industry Network members hit the road for their February meeting, visiting Frankfort Feb. 12 to get a first-hand look at this year's Kentucky General Assembly session. 

The AIN group sat in on a committee meeting, heard from a key state senator, joined Cooperative Extension agents for lunch, and endorsed two legislative proposals deemed important to farmers and agribusiness. Click here to read more.

Farm City Luncheon & Agribusiness of the Year Award | December 2012

When emcee Barry Bernson adjourned the Nov. 9 Farm-City Luncheon, it marked the close of another successful program year for the Agribusiness Industry Network.

​The 2012 version of the luncheon, under the always capable tutelage of Linda Brock, was one of our best. Food was great, attendance was hefty and the Wing-Tip Rodeo was exciting as usual. Click here to read more about this signature event.

A Visit to Shelbyville's Undulata Horse Farm | May 2013

Agribusiness Industry Network once again hit the road for their May meeting, visiting

Shelbyville. The program began with lunch at the Claudia Sanders restaurant and a brief business meeting. The group of 20 or so members and guests then travelled the short distance to one of the nation's leading saddlebred farms, Undulata. Here is Chairman Gary Huddleston's report on that tour.

Kentucky's status in the equine industry is seldom challenged, with horses of various lineages occupying pastures and stalls across the commonwealth.

​Our May 16 visit to Undulata Farm near Shelbyville spotlighted the saddlebred industry, a breed noted for displaying a near-regal demeanor and precision gaits in show rings near and far. Click to read more.

Agribusiness News

The voice of the diverse agribusiness industry | A Local Economic Engine

Tour of Creation Gardens | July 2016
The name Creation Gardens, a well-known Louisville-area produce company, suggests at first notice a small-scale enterprise that focuses on high end, fresh food items that may be hard to find from most commercial sources.

And that description is accurate, except for the small part. This place, our tour group found out recently, is anything but small.

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Tour of Marksbury Farm | September 2015
Will Kentuckians pay a premium for meat from animals that are locally grown, unconfined, grass-fed and hormone-free?

The partners at Marksbury Farm Market, located in Garrard County between Lancaster and Nicholasville are betting they will. At least in numbers sufficient to make their commercial venture a success. Agribusiness Industry Network members visited the 5-year-old facility recently for a first-hand look at Marksbury's products and practices. And they came away impressed.

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Trip to Hallway Feeds and Bluegrass Stockyards in Lexington| May 2018
A May 16 trip to Lexington gave a touring group of Louisville-area ag leaders a great look at one of Central Kentucky's newest attractions along with a tour of a long-standing agribusiness that has supported some of the equine industry's brightest stars.

Members of the Agribusiness Industry Network and the Ag Club of Louisville joined forces to check out Hallway Feeds blending and packaging facility, then headed slightly north to the new Bluegrass Stockyards where the area's top livestock producers come to buy and sell.

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Kentucky Derby Museum Visit| May 2017
The Kentucky Derby Museum tells the 143-year story of the Derby and all its pageantry, as well as the parallel story of the star of the show-the thoroughbred horse.

And the museum, located in the main gate area of Churchill Downs, presents those stories in stunning color of 4K high resolution cinema and the authentic accounts and equipment associated with the Derby's biggest stars, both human and equine.

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Hermitage - Rich in History & Horses | July 2015
Thoroughbreds of all ages were on display at Hermitage Farm in Oldham County as members of the Agribusiness Industry Network recently visited one of the area’s pre-eminent racehorse boarding facilities.

Broodmares and their foals occupied rows of stables in three main barns on the historic property, and the visitors watched as workers led the mommas and their offspring out for their regular schedule of afternoon grazing.

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Agriculture is Trending | August 2014

Although the weather patterns and crop conditions across Kentucky this summer have been wildly inconsistent, the news profile for agriculture and politics has been trending steadily upward in the Commonwealth.

Farmers are accustomed to getting media attention when the news is bad, and the dry weather in western portions of the state certainly qualified as newsworthy by that standard.

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Agribusiness in KY Heats Up | June/July 2014

With summer now in full swing, as the heat and humidity attest, Kentucky's agribusiness economy is showing unmistakable signs of growth. A number of recent news headlines suggest that progress is being made on several fronts.

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Farm Bill Impact | February 2014

At a time when the U.S. Congress is often criticized for its lack of progress on key issues, farm leaders in Kentucky and across the nation are heaping praise on federal lawmakers for passage of a new farm bill.

​The Agribusiness Industry Network heard from one of those cheering the ag policy rewrite at its Feb. 14 meeting in Louisville. Click here to read more about the farm bill.

Bourbon Industry Report | August 2013

Not a drop of Kentucky's signature distilled beverage was served, but bourbon was definitely the lead item on the agenda at the July 10 meeting of the Agribusiness Industry Network, held at the Kentucky Farm Bureau office in Louisville.

Brittany Dowell with the Kentucky Distillers Association led AIN members through an audio-visual review of the bourbon business, documenting the industry's economic importance to the commonwealth, and pre-eminence among U.S.-produced spirits. Click to read more.

Kentucky Derby Museum | May 2012

Thoroughbreds and bourbon, history and hospitality-they were the featured ingredients in a May 16 visit to the Kentucky Derby Museum by the Agribusiness Industry Network. 

Museum Executive Director Lynn Ashton, a former AIN member, served as the official host for the event, orchestrating a tour of the museum, a guided ramble through the front side of the track facilities and a bourbon tasting in a new exhibit highlighting the history and current commercial reach of Kentucky's signature beverage.Click here to read more.

FFA Convention Report | September 2012

FFA activities and achievements were in the spotlight at the Sept. 12 meeting of the Agribusiness Industry Network.

The group heard from a member and advisor of a nationally award-winning Kentucky FFA chapter, then listened as Louisville visitors bureau staff members previewed the move of the national FFA convention back to the Derby City in 2013.

Bland Baird, a 35-year veteran vocational agriculture teacher at Spencer County High School, and Susan Mann, member of the school's national champion dairy judging team, reported on the team's visit to Scotland this summer to represent the U.S. in international competition. Click to find out more.

Frankfort Visit| February 2017
As the 2017 session of the Kentucky General Assembly moves toward its conclusion, topics such as charter schools, right-to-work, prevailing wage and regulatory reductions have garnered much of the lawmakers' time and the media's attention.

​But as significant as these initiatives have been, a key state senate leader told an Agribusiness Industry Network group visiting the Capitol that the focus will soon shift to tax reform, and that ag groups of all types need to prepare for that critical effort.

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Keeneland Sale Visit| September 2016
From a humble beginning in 1943, when a few young horses were auctioned under a tent, Keeneland's annual Yearling Sale has grown to become the nation's largest and most prestigious offering of juvenile racehorses in the nation.

Members of the Agribusiness Industry Network were afforded the opportunity to see one of the 13 sale days of this year's event, and given a guided tour of the auction arena, the staging ring and the barns.

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Commissioner of Ag Ryan Quarles' Visit with AIN | February 2016
Protect, promote and defend farmers-that's how Kentucky's new commissioner of agriculture sees his job as he gets settled in as the state's highest ranking elected farm leader.

Ryan Quarles of Georgetown was sworn into his new office Jan. 4 following victory in the November general election. He took time to visit the Agribusiness Industry Network Feb. 11 during a stopover at the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville.              .

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Bulleit Shelby County Distillery Tour| August 2017
A brand-new state-of-the-art bourbon distillery in Shelby County was the site of an Aug. 4 tour by members of the Agribusiness Industry Network.

​The Bulleit Distilling Co., located just east of Shelbyville on a 300-acre site, hosted the AIN group, with Visitor Experience Manager Kevin Didio leading the guests through the facilities.

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