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The Voice of the Diverse Agribusiness Industry


A Local Economic Engine

Kentucky and southern Indiana have long been a hub of agribusiness activity. From the earliest days, the region’s business community developed around the buying, selling, transportation or utilization of farming’s bounty. Agribusiness employs nearly 8% of the region’s workforce and provides 10% of the total payroll.

The Agribusiness Industry Network is dedicated to furthering the wellbeing of our existing agribusinesses, to helping develop the potential of agribusiness entrepreneurs, to assisting agribusiness’ new high-tech ventures and to aiding community leaders in the acquisition of new business relocation. 

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Tour of THE FARM & Lunch at

The Exchange

May 8, 2024 | New Albany, IN

Join AIN on Wednesday, May 8 at The Farm for an informative tour. This historic Southern Indiana family farm has been repurposed to become a hotspot for sporting events, corporate meetings, weddings and family fun.

Guests Are Always Welcome at AIN Meetings 

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The more the merrier, read more to learn how to join AIN.

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