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About Agribusiness Industry Network

Mission Statement

To project a unified voice for the diverse agribusiness industry and to enhance the real and perceived value of agribusiness in the Greater Louisville Area.

Agribusiness Defined

Businesses that provide agricultural services or that buy, sell, process or utilize farm products.


Kentucky and southern Indiana have long been a hub of agribusiness activity. From the earliest days, the region’s business community developed around the buying, selling, transportation or utilization of farming’s bounty. Agribusiness employs nearly 8% of the region’s workforce and provides 10% of the total payroll.


This economic sector represents both the business strength of the past and potential growth for the future. Traditional industries such as food wholesaling/processing/distribution and woodworking combine with the region’s unique strengths in horse racing, livestock breeding and agricultural trade shows to produce an industry that provides both stability and the potential for desirable economic growth.


Much of that potential springs from both traditional, family farming and the exciting, high-tech aspects of agribusiness. Area farmers are leading the country in serving the needs of local consumers. Our area excels in the availability of fresh, local grown produce because of our extensive farmers market offerings. Leading edge science is resulting in an explosion of biotech opportunities. Farmers across the country have rushed to the Internet for everything from buying supplies and marketing products to using space age satellite technology to manage crops. The companies serving these needs are a vibrant new addition to the agribusiness family.


The Agribusiness Industry Network is dedicated to furthering the wellbeing of our existing agribusinesses, to helping develop the potential of agribusiness entrepreneurs, to assisting agribusiness’ new high-tech ventures and to aiding community leaders in the acquisition of new business relocation. 

2022/23 AIN Officers




Vice Chairman & Program Committee Chairman




Communications Committee Chairman


Legal Affairs Committee Chairman


Agribusiness of the Year Award Committee


Farm City Luncheon Committee

Special thanks to the Kentucky State Fair Board for supporting the Agribusiness Industry Network with meeting space and other in-kind services.

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